empowering artists

we make African music more accessible, return control of recordings to artists and ensure they benefit from their use.

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empowering artists



sync for TV, films, advertisements, games and other productions


providing legal support and advice to artists, with a focus on their long-term success

international collections

collecting revenues from international collective rights management organisations


making payments of collected royalties to artists


authoritative, up-to date recording metadata. directly from labels and artists

industry identifiers

iassign ISRC (International Standard Recording Code)

empowering artists

why choose us

we value


we don't take away artists' rights. we are committed to their long-term success. we are transparent

we know how

we have seasoned experts in our team with global experience and deep understanding of African business culture. unbeatable

we are on mission

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we love African music and we want the world to hear it. doing it the right way and with respect for artists is possible. the only option really

empowering artists

we want African artists to focus on what they do best - create their brilliant music. so we use our skills and experience to take care of [often complicated] administrative stuff. creatively.

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empowering artists


meet the founder and CEO of Diganza Ieva Oxenbury

Ieva has over 20 years of experience working in the music industry with proven success,

leading transformation with a lasting legacy. she is recognised expert in neighbouring rights and collective management - she set up and ran the performers’ and labels/producers’ CMO LaIPA in Latvia for ten years. connecting every artist and rights holder with their royalties is the purpose that drives her. she is known for her perseverance, creativity, innovative approach, and a touch of humour in solving complex challenges.

Ieva has been exposed to African culture since childhood. she has always been stunned by its diversity and richness. Ieva has worked with African music industry for over 10 years, including at IFPI developing collective management in Africa.

empowering artists

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we are working on the the pilot project in Kenya digitising the historic heritage sound recordings, focusing on benga music in collaboration with the local music industry stakeholders. the passion and contribution of William "Tabu" Osusa and George Ouma aka DJ Jojo is irreplacable and key to the success of the project


heritage sound recordings

George Ouma is

the owner of Jojo Records (Kenya) and DJ JoJo. he has collected, catalogued, recorded and archived Kenyan and East African music for decades

Tabu Osusa is a key

part of the East African music industry. a Kenyan native, he is the founding Executive Director of Ketebul Music and has been active in the music industry as a promoter, producer, composer and band manager. he has been vocal shaping the careers and running some of the top recording and performing bands and artistes in the country.

Tabu is the author of the book Shades of Benga: The Story of Popular Music in Kenya: 1946-2016

empowering artists

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